Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So, Unpooh and Unbother...Portland 7, Vancouver 2.

First, if you're looking for me, here you go: www.oregonlive.com/hawks.

I know from my stats one of the loyal readers of this blog is a Spencer Bennett fan/family member?: If so, my sincerest thanks for reading this blog and definitely check out the oregonlive blog. Your boy inspired much of today's entry. True, it came from a litany of cliches, but still,...I don't often get inspired by people half my age, so kudos to him. And if it is his family tuning in, nice job raising him properly. He's super-polite, looked me in the eye, shook my hand, and all around was totally respectful and very friendly. Definitely look for a profile over on oregonlive later this season when I have the time and opportunity.

As for the Hawks: Take that, Vancouver. We took 'em out, 7 - 2 in the home opener. Now, the only question is...why couldn't we do that in last year's playoffs? No matter...onward to what promises to be an awesome season. And here's a kibble from Spencer I didn't use on the other blog: when I asked him about how last night was different from Saturday, one of the things he told me was that they wanted to prove last year's team wasn't a fluke. Point proven and onward to a weekend of bobbleheads, victory and the season ticket holder party.

Late day update: Luke Walker, as expected, has signed a three year deal with the Avs and has been assigned to their AHL team. Now, how does this work, you might ask? Well, funny you should ask. The terms of his deal were not disclosed, but I think they probably go a little something like this:

Article 9, Entry Level Compensation: For players drafted in 2010, the entry level minor league compensation is $67,500. That's a salary that it takes some people years to earn. And, players get a bonus, as follows: 9.5, Exhibit 5 Performance Bonuses. Clubs and Players may negotiate, and a Player who is subject to the Entry Level System under Article 9 may be paid bonuses for the types of performances, and in the maximum amounts, set forth in Exhibit 5. Oh, and if you're wondering what Exhibit 5 is: There are bonuses awarded for darn near everything except showing up, including goals, assists, time on ice, the all star game, being on the ballot for NHL awards, points per game, plus/minus ratings, blocked shots, save percentage and GAA, to name just a few.

Morals of the story:

The game: Now I understand why players go scrambling for the puck on an icing and why they put themselves in danger at every opportunity. Forget the Stanley Cup. I believe the real reason starts with a b.

Life: Ok, I want a bonus for every flippin' thing I do every day, as follows: being quiet in my apartment so as not to disturb others; getting up every day and being on time to the bus stop and work; obeying all traffic signals, signs and other drivers when I do drive; going to the gym and working out for my appointed and recommended 30 minutes a day; working 8 - 10 hours a day by fulfilling my job description to the fullest extent possible; and kindly holding the door for anyone who has more challenges in life than I do. Surely, these kibbles of good behavior must be worth a little something extra, don't you agree?

Up next: Back to topic with a full entry about the CBA.

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