Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When Plotting Your Future in the NHL, Just Say No Trade, No Move

The game: Portland Winterhawks vs. Everett Silvertips. Provided of course I can get there. The Prez is in town at the convention center, which is across from the rink.

Now this is what I call a hockey game: Rick Rypien has been suspended pending a hearing for getting into an altercation with a fan. The fans were kicked out of the rink, he went to the dressing room and then the box.

Now I hope the same thing doesn't happen here at home, but it is the Everett Silvertips, so: There might be a kerfuffle or two. Of course, thanks to the above situation, most of us may never see them. Also, in one of the Winterhawks' most painful losses during the 09-10 season, we lost to the tips 10 - 4. No that's not a typo. The game this evening also commences a six-game homestand, which is a blessing and curse 'cause we're better on the road. Well, so far. Stay tuned.

Move of the week: Evgeni Malkin scoring on Ottawa while airborne. And I thought the backhanded, no-look hat trick against Carolina in the playoffs took the cake. Hey, when you are your own hard act to follow, what else is there to do but score a goal while flying through the air with the greatest of ease?

The rule: Article 11, Rules and Procedures Governing Standard Player's Contract. 11.8, Individually Negotiated Limitations on Player Movement.

11.8: Aha. This explains those infamous "no trade" clauses. The SPC of a any Player who is a Group 3 Unrestricted Free Agent may contain a no-trade or no-move clause. Provided that it doesn't kick in until said player becomes a Group 3 free agent. If the player is traded or put on waivers before the clause takes effect, then they are SOL when it comes to no-trade, no-move. But it doesn't stop the team from asking: this just gives the player the right to say no.

Morals of the story:

The game: So even if you really like your team and your town and your nice life, if the team wants you gone, go ahead and say no and watch while your coaches, your team and the fans make your life a living hell for refusing to leave when it's your time to move on? Discuss.

Life: Most jobs I've ever held, I would never have wanted this kind of clause in there. I spent 3 years on 5th avenue and a few on Wall Street in jobs that really, I had no business even applying for. But alas, I somehow fooled everyone, including myself and my employers, for far too long. In my case there should have been a "get out and don't come back clause" to save me from myself and a lot of wasted years doing something that I liked and I was sort of good at, but that I didn't love. But if that hadn't happened, this blog wouldn't have happened. So in the end all roads did lead to the right place. But still, like hockey it's always better to know when it's time to move on than to stay in a place that doesn't want you anymore.

Next up: Gotta keep it simple, for once: 11.9. General. And if you want to see how the Winterhawks game turned out:

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