Friday, April 30, 2010

To Market We Go to Find the Future of the Portland Winterhawks

Bantam Draft Day was good to us: And, we got some players who may very well win the Winterhawks' prize for most unusual or original name, thereby at least tying our current prize winners and Swiss talents extraordinaire Nino Niederreiter and Luca Sbisa. Check this out..among our draft picks yesterday were:

Bryson Gore -- Forward, Lethbridge, 10th round, 214th overall.
Steen Cooper -- Forward, Cowichan Valley, 4th round, 74th overall.
Preston Kopeck - Center, Medicine Hat, 3rd round, 60th overall.

Inquiring minds want to know: Is it written somewhere that even the smallest of towns in Canada must have a hockey team, NHL, junior or otherwise? I was just plotting my summer vacay to the Okanagan Valley, and I may have to rethink the timing because every town I looked at has a junior or other type of hockey team.

Major dilemma alert: Pittsburgh is playing Montreal in the second round of the NHL playoffs. My two favorite teams and one of them is going down. Alas, once again how like life hockey is. It's so not fair, but I'm still all in for the Penguins and Chicago in the final.

The game: Pittsburgh vs. Montreal, Game 1, Round 2.

The rules: Section 4, Playing Rules. Rule 482, Puck Out of Sight. Rule 483, Illegal Puck.

At last, a face-off rule I understand: Rule 482, Puck Out of Sight. Should a scramble take place or a player accidentally falls on the puck and the puck is out of sight of the Referee, he shall immediately stop the play, and the puck shall be faced-off at the point where the play has been stopped, unless provided for in the rules.

Next time you're at a Winterhawks game, try this, I dare you: Well, ok, not really but still, I wonder who would do this and why. If, at any time, while play is in progress, a puck other than the one legally in play shall appear on the playing surface, the play shall not be stopped until the play then in progress is completed by change of possession.

Morals of the story:

The game: It's the "shall appear" that I find intriguing. How exactly does a puck appear? Are hockey teams running a little magic show on the side? Also, why isn't play stopped right away? Personally, I think a contraband puck is reason enough, but I'm finding that hockey really is not for pussies, because basically unless you drop dead or get seriously injured, according to most of these rules, they carry right on.

Life: Do you ever have those days where you wish you could just go out of sight like a puck? Just for a little while now and again, I'd love it if I could just disappear such that life versions of Referees like bosses and traffic police and aggressive salespeople in Nordstrom just couldn't see me for a few minutes and they would have to stop what they were doing and go back to a face-off spot and hide until I'm done shopping, turning without signaling or blogging from my work computer.

Next up on 5/1: Section 4, Playing Rules. Rule 484, Puck Striking an Official. Rule 485, Stopping/Passing the Puck with Hands.

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