Sunday, November 14, 2010

And They Win Some Again...The Portland Winterhawks, That Is

The game: Portland Winterhawks 8, Prince Albert Raiders 2.

In an odd coincidence: New York Rangers 8, Edmonton Oilers 2. Hat trick for Marian Gaborik, after going scoreless so far this season. Not a good week for the rookies, however: Jordan Eberle and Taylor Hall were benched earlier in the week for a poor showing in Carolina. No, I'm not changing my vote for Eberle and the Calder. I'm all in. Period. No exceptions. But that game was some serious ugly.

Meanwhile, back on the Winterhawks' road trip front: The boys roared back late in the first period and kept coming. The only question is who from the Portland Winterhawks didn't score? Maybe the goalie. That's about it. The name to watch: Sven Bartschi. Mark the calendar for the 2011 NHL draft day, my little experts. He's coming your way. I'd wax rhapsodic, but Winterhawks broadcaster Andy Kemper beat me to it. And he said it way better than I could have, so here you go:

In other big scoring difference news: Former Portland Winterhawk Stefan Schneider's new team the Manitoba Moose (AHL) beat the Rochester Americans last night 6 - 2.

And speaking of whatever-HL watch: Former Portland Winterhawk and Springfield Falcons rookie Chris Francis has been loaned to the Fort Wayne Komets in order to get him more playing time. He'll be back. Just you wait.

Alas, if only Gene Simmons hadn't cursed our game in Saskatoon: Our winning streak would be up to 12. Not to worry, plenty of time to start a new one.

And oh, by the way: Pittsburgh continues the mini comeback with a hat trick from Malkin and some stellar goaltending from Marc-Andre Fleury, and a 4-2 win over Atlanta.

Salary Arbitration, Part 12.10, Walk Away Rights for Player-Elected Salary Arbitration.

12.10, a: If a Club has elected to a one-year SPC, and the award issued is for $1,042,173 per annum, then the Club may, within forty-eight hours after the award of the Salary Arbitrator is issued, notify the Player or his Certified Agent, if any, the NHLPA and the NHL in writing, in accordance with Exhibit 3 thereof, that it does not intend to tender to the Player an SPC based on the award as determined by the Salary Arbitrator. Upon receipt of that notice, the Player shall automatically be deemed to be an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Morals of the story:

The game: So, where, exactly, did they come up with the salary per annum amount? Why not just round up to $1,050,000? Or down to $1,000,000? Oh right, because in the NHL one million or less is pocket change. What was I thinking?

Life: It's Sunday night and I find myself suddenly uninspired. Instead, tonight I will follow the fine example of properly media trained hockey players everywhere; I'll keep it simple. If I made that kind of money, I would never go to arbitration. I'd say thank you for finally paying me what I'm worth, take the money and run to the nearest bank. The end. For tonight.

Up next: NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 13,Waivers and Loans of Players to Minor League Clubs.

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