Saturday, November 20, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Hockey Things

The games: Portland Winterhawks vs. Kamloops Blazers (WHL, Saturday, 7 pm). Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Carolina Hurricanes (Pittsburgh 5, Carolina 4, in a shootout).

We don't need the Islanders to come to Portland, we can just start our own NHL team (see comments from previous entry): With 9 NHL draftees on the active roster, 3 others who were invited and/or signed by the League, and four already on the rankings for the 2011 draft, I think we can just start our own NHL team. No need for our prized possessions like Ryan Johansen and Nino Niederreiter and Sven Bartschi and Ty Rattie to scatter to parts unknown. If the Phoenix Coyotes can stay afloat, we can start a new team.

Major dilemma: HBO is debuting a preview of the 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic tonight whilst I'm at a Winterhawks game. Note to self: Add DVR to the cable package.

And if you're a regular viewer of the NBC (nothing but Crosby) network, Pittsburgh Magazine has a really cool feature on him.

I'm burned on blogging and CBA's and what not, so today's entry will consist of a shout out to some of my favorite links and resources. True I'm a little biased on a few as you'll see, but these are all worth checking out all the same:

Junior hockey:

Buzzing the Net on Yahoo Sports. Neate Sager has been kind enough to link to my oregonlive posts and even gave a shout out to me by name once. So, biased on my part, absolutely. But he also runs one of the best junior hockey blogs out there. They recently added a live Chatravaganza to the mix. Put it on the list if you want to keep up with what's doing in the junior leagues.

Taking Note with Gregg Drinnan. I find the run-on sentence style a little annoying, but Drinnan's your man if you want the latest and greatest.

NHL and all things hockey:

Kukla's Korner. This is totally biased and a completely shameless plug. I was very honored to be chosen over the summer as part of Paul's new community of bloggers. 87in107 will have a new home there, complete with a new title. But I would recommend this blog any day and twice on Sunday. The variety of perspectives you'll find here are also really good for pseudo beginners like me who are still trying to memorize the face-off rule.

Lighthouse Hockey. An excellent source for New York Islanders news and a good place for Portland fans to keep track of Nino's whereabouts when he goes to the NHL for good. And yes, they've mentioned me once or twice.

And just to be fair, here's a few that have never heard of me:

The Prospect Park. It's all Rangers and Islanders prospects, all the time. And they've spoken highly of the Winterhawks in the past, including Luke Walker (now with the Colorado Avalanche's AHL team) and Ryan Johansen.

Penguin Poop. As a Penguins fan who must live vicariously through the folks who get the privilege of watching the Pens live and meeting them in person in their community...I consider this blog a must. Ditto for The Confluence (you'll find it on Kukla's Korner) and Empty Netters. The latter irked me recently because he falsely led readers to believe the blog was in jeopardy, only to admit later it never was. But, it's still one of the best sources for Pens news and what not.

And with that, I'm off to the Portland Winterhawks' first home game in two weeks. The weather outside is a bit frightful, but it's always warm and toasty when your team is back home and on a winning streak. You can read all about it tomorrow on

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