Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's game weekend in Portland

You can read all about it here: www.oregonlive/hawks.

Will the latest episode of the Sidney Crosby show produce the 12th in a row for the Pittsburgh Penguins?: Do I have to ask? But of course. Game on.

I would have stayed up until 3 am for this: Tampa Bay vs. Edmonton. The Oilers win it in a shootout. Guy Boucher, Jordan Eberle and shootout in one game. No drooling allowed, Sam.

The NHL was apparently in the house last night: Brian Burke was in town to check out his prized draft pick Brad Ross (went 43rd overall to the Leafs). He should come to town more often. Brad didn't spend one minute in the penalty box all night long.

My bets for who will score the coveted Teddy Bear goal in tonight's Teddy Bear Toss against the Prince George Cougars: Ty Rattie, prime NHL prospect who's in a bit of a scoring slump. Thanks to his team and linemate (and fellow prospect and potential Swiss World Junior star) Sven Bartschi convincing me, I'm all in. With a little help from Sven and Brendan Leipsic. Possibly Brett Ponich. Game on.

Up next: The results of the Teddy Bear Toss and onward to the next section of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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