Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The only thing I love more than shootouts: 10-round shootouts with Anaheim and Edmonton

The games: Anaheim Ducks 3, Edmonton 2 in a 10-round shootout. Pittsburgh Penguins 5, Toronto 2.

Why I chose them: My two favorite teams, a really long shootout won by a rookie and the Sidney Crosby show continues. He scored two goals and extended his streak to 17 games. Games on.

He wasn't too shabby either: Mark Letestu notched up his first career two-goal game.

Get ready. At last, it's coming: 24/7 Road to the NHL Winter Classic debuts in exactly one week. Filming has already begun with the Pens and Caps. Sidney Crosby in his pajamas with his honey nut cheerios. Alex Ovechkin scrolling through his iPhone to call his latest puckbunny conquest. Brilliant. I may stay home and watch it in protest of the Portland Winterhawks, because:

I cannot even believe this: The Winterhawks are down 5 - 0 to the Spokane Chiefs in the first period of a road game. Goalies have already been changed, to no avail. Mac Carruth let in 3 before being pulled and Keith Hamilton let 2 more in. Where is Ian Curtis when you need him? I've never been so excited to hear the buzzer.

The Portland vs. Spokane situation is so bad, I started thinking we should just forfeit and go home. So, to refresh:

NHL Rulebook, Rule 66.1, Forfeit of Game: In the event of failure by a Club to comply with a provision of the League constitution, by-laws, resolutions, rules or regulations affecting the playing of a game, the Referee shall, if so directed by the Commissioner or his designee, refuse to permit the game to proceed until the offending Club comes into compliance with such provision.

Morals of the story:

The game: Does allowing five goals in the first period qualify as failure to comply? UUUUGGGGGHHHH.

Life: On the other hand, if we gave up and packed it in when the equivalent of five goals was scored in our first period, we'd all be living in a cave feeding out of a bag of fig newtons and washing it down with cabernet that's just past its drinkability.

Up next: NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, the final sections of Article 13, Waivers and Loans of Players to Minor League Clubs.

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