Monday, December 6, 2010

What, boy wonder there only scored one goal? I'm shocked.

The game: Pittsburgh Penguins 2, New Jersey Devils 1.

Why I chose it: The latest episode of the Sidney Crosby show produced one goal and one assist. Is there any team/goalie he hasn't cooked to a crisp? Oh, and it's the first time in his career that Dan Bylsma has gotten 10 wins in a row and Marc-Andre Fleury had a personal best with 9 wins in a row. But really, let's face it, it's all about the boy who wears the C. He leads the league in goals and points. And what did you do today?

Mini bummer alert: The debut of the 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic is airing the same night as a Portland Winterhawks game. Yes, I know it's going to be on like 80 times in 24 hours after that, but I grew up in the days of three network channels with no repeats. I still like the excitement of watching something when it airs for the first time.

Speaking of the Winterhawks: They got behind early and never caught up. They dropped a game in Spokane, where they lost to the Chiefs 4 - 3.

Could it be for real this time?: The Phoenix Coyotes may soon have a buyer in Matt Hulsizer. He's 40 and he's buying a whole hockey team. I'm 42 and today I bought a Team Canada jersey on sale at What happened to my life?

The rule: NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Article 13, Waivers and Loans of Player to Minor League Clubs.

13.16, Waiver Prices: Ok. Maybe it's just because I didn't sleep last night, but this rule is backwards. Players with less experience are worth more. I've listed a few examples below. Except as specifically otherwise provided in this Agreement, the prices applicable to Players being Waived on Regular and Re-Entry Waivers shall be in U.S. dollars and are as follows:

For each forward and defenseman who has not in the aggregate completed more than the following years under one or more SPCs:
2 years $67,500
5 years $26,250

For each goaltender who has not in the aggregate completed more than the following years under one or more SPCs:

2 years $90,000
5 years $63,750

Oh wait I get it: Younger and less beat up by years of playing means you're worth more. Ok. Scooby Doo here is on top of things.

Morals of the story:

The game: Seems pretty simple to me. Stay young. Stay fit. Stay worthy.

Life: When we get put on waivers in life, we're worth exactly zero or the sum of an unemployment check until some other company decides what we're worth. But what if the federal goverment passed a law that said when employees are laid off and/or transferred to another company, they are worth a set price that must be paid by the old employer if no one claims you, or by the new employer for the privilege of winning you. Kind of like a signing bonus for getting fired. And it would be in lieu of unemployment/welfare handouts. A win-win all around. Brilliant.

Up next: The second half of waiver prices. And attempting to achieve something with my life before Sidney Crosby goes out and scores another hat trick plus some.

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