Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What goes up must come down. Sort of.

The games; Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Philadelphia. Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Edmonton Oilers.

Why I chose them: Sidney Crosby on the Pens on a tear. Taylor Hall unleashing his first PR booboo to give the Leafs extra motivation. What other reason does one need?

All good things must come to an end, but...: The Pens' 12-game streak came to an end as a bad penalty led to a third goal for the Flyers, giving them a 3 -2 victory. On the other hand the player who committed said penalty, Evgeni Malkin, also returned to play after an absence that seemed longer than it was, and scored both of the team's goals. And Sidney Crosby at least kept his point streak alive with two assists. But still, major bummer alert for the Pens.

Speaking of major bummers: Maybe the Leafs should encourage Taylor Hall to make more comments to the media about being "there for the taking." The Leafs just cooked the Oilers 4 -1.

World Junior update: Portland Winterhawk Brad Ross has been released from Team Canada's World Junior training camp. Linemate Ryan Johansen is still in Toronto, and is expected to be a significant contributor to Canada's effort to recapture a gold medal. Sven Bartschi and Nino Niederreiter will be departing this week for Team Switzerland's training camp, where Nino is a shoo-in for the final roster. Look for Sven to be a breakout star this year. Brendan Leipsic and Derrick Pouliot, meanwhile, are off to try their hand at the Under-17 World Challenge. Best wishes all around and welcome back to Brad. Wednesday update: As expected, Ryan has indeed made the roster, which was announced this morning.

The rule: NHLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement. Article 14, Player Assignments.

14.1, Rent/Mortgage Expenses: A Player whose SPC is Assigned from one Club to another shall be reimbursed from the assignee-Club a sum equal to six months' rent or mortgage, as the case may be, on his living quarters in the city from which he is assigned; provided, however, that such reimbursement shall be made only if and to the extent that the Player is legally obligated to make and does make such payment and provided, further, that the Club's obligation shall in no event exceed for the 2005-2006 and 2006 - 2007 seasons, $3,100 per month, for the 2010 - 2011 seasons, $3,300 per month.

Morals of the story:

The game: So, this is probably a great deal unless you play for the New York Islanders or the Rangers. When I left New York six years ago, real estate brokers were raving because the rent on a 3rd floor walk-up studio apartment with sporadic heat and no view in Brooklyn was coming down to $2000 per month. Really.

Life: Six months rent free for the trouble of moving to a new life, that probably comes with heat and a view? Brilliant. I lived in six apartments or rented rooms over 10 years in New York. I financed all of them, to the tune of almost $10,000 over time. I'll take six months rent or partially rent free, thank you.

Up next: Article 14, 14.2, Moving Expenses.

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